Myasthenia Gravis

Myasthenia Gravis 

Myasthenia Gravis is a kind of neuromuscular disorder that causes weakness in the voluntary muscles of the body which are under control.

It is the most common neuromuscular disorder that affects 20-21 out of every 100,000 people in the United States.

It is an order caused by the antibody mediated blocks in neuromuscular junction which leads to reduction in the flow of the impulses.

The autoimmune antibodies target the postsynaptic receptors of nicotinic Acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction of skeletal muscles.

The muscles unable to contract because of improper transmission of impulses becomes weak with the time and goes into atrophy.

Causes of Myasthenia Gravis

MG is an autoimmune disorder that results in the weakening of the skeletal muscles.

Autoimmune disorder occur when immune system attacks the healthy tissues of the body.

Antibodies that are protein in nature they attack the postsynaptic membranes of neuromuscular junction of the skeletal muscles.

Acetylcholine is the very important in the functioning of the nerves and muscles of the body.

Reduction in the quantity of the acetylcholine  at the postsynaptic membrane leads in the reduction of contraction of muscles and weakness.

The exact cause is unknown but some of the abnormal protein because of the any kind  pathogen in the body leads to the destruction of the neuromuscular junction of the body.

Symptoms of the Myasthenia Gravis 

  • Difficulty in swallowing 
  • Facial paralysis 
  • Difficulty in breathing because of the respiratory muscles paralysis.
  • Difficulty in the blinking of the eyes.
  • Dropping of the eyelids.
  • Problems of the chewing of the food.
  • Drooling 
  • Speech sound changes.

Diagnosis of the Myasthenia Gravis

Physical and neurological examination both are considered in the diagnosis of Myasthenia Gravis.

  1.  Checking the tone of the muscles.
  2.  Muscles tone and girth.
  3.  Checking of the reflexes.
  4.  Sensation
  5.  Movements
  6.  Range of motion
  7.  Blood testing for antibodies
  8.  CT scam and MRI scan
  9.  Nerve conduction velocity (NCV)

Treatment of Myasthenia Gravis

There is no particular cure for the MG but symptomatic treatment and control on immune system to be managed.

  • Medications - Immunosuppressants and corticosteroids can be used to suppress the immune system.
  • Plasmapheresis is also another option for the removal of the abnormal or extra antibodies from the blood.
  • Life style modification- healthy diet and plenty of rest to avoid muscle fatigue.
  • wear glasses for the eye problems.
  • Do mirror exercises for the strengthening of the facial muscles.
  • Oral cavity muscles to be strengthen for the speech problems.
  • Meditation and yoga can relief the symptoms.
  • Avoid excess cold and heat exposure it may worsen the symptoms. 

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